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As I've been confronted with these questions quite often, here are the answers to most of them:

Q: Is there an NT version of MultiMID?

A: Sorry, but no. For the time being, I haven't planned one.

Q: I want to install MultiMID under Windows 98. How can I do that?

A: In Windows 98, Microsoft has changed the installation routine a bit from WIndows 95. To install MultiMID under Windows 98,

bulletopen the Control Panel
bulletselect Hardware (even if that sounds a bit paradox)
bulletgo through PnP hardware detection (won't find anything, but you can't skip it)
bulletthen, when asked whether non-PnP devices should be detected, click "Select Hardware from List"
bulletselect "Audio, Video, and Game Controller"
bulleton the following dialog, there's a "Have Disk" button. Select that.
bulleton the following dialog, enter the path to the temporary directory in which you extracted MultiMID, or put the installation diskette in drive A:.
bulletselect the desired version of MultiMID from the following list (not very hard in the demo version ;-)) and press OK; this starts the MultiMID installation.

Q: Ich installed MultiMID under Windows 98, but since I did so, on every system start I'm greeted by a message stating that MMIDCTL could not be loaded. What does that mean?

A: For some reason unknown to me, the installation routine, as simple as it may be, doesn't always work perfectly. Theoretically, it should install MMIDCTL.EXE in the Windows SYSTEM directory... but sometimes, it doesn't. If this message appears, you should copy MMIDCTL.EXE into the SYSTEM directory by hand. After restarting Windows, the message should go away and MultiMID should work.

F: How can I deinstall MultiMID?

A: The easiest way to deinstall MultiMID is to edit SYSTEM.INI in the main Windows directory. In the [Drivers] section there's an entry MIDIx=multimid.drv; if you comment that out or remove it and restart Windows, MultiMID won't get loaded any more and can be removed from the disk. If you're using Windows 3.1, you can remove MultiMID from within the Drivers entry in Control Panel.

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Last update: 11/03/01